Trend Watch: Shoe Clips

Who wants blah ballet flats or passé pumps when you can celebrate your unique style with this wedding shoe trend- clips! Whether you break out the glue gun or simply attach vintage rhinestone earrings, this trend is about individuality. Forget Jimmy Choo, these are truly one-of-a-kind. Also works as a great way to switch up shoes for your bridesmaids!

Shoes from top to bottom: Kirsten Kuehn Designs (bows) | BHLDN (blue) | Offbeat Bride (‘hell yes’) | BHLDN (blue feathers) | Weddingbee (pink poms) | onewed (gold bow) | (red hearts) | Chloe & Maddie (orange bow) | Sean Flanagan Photography (flats) | onewed (feather/net bow)

wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-2 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-10 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-9 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-1 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-5 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-6 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-7 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-8 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-3 wedding-shoe-clips-flora-fetish-4



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