Trend Watch: Bridal Gowns with Pockets


A bridal gown is probably one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing you’ll ever wear. Form fitting, beautifully detailed and sure to make you the center of attention – but not such a great source for storage… until recently! Bridal gowns with pockets are in high demand for 2013 and the designers seem to be responding. There are loads of gorgeous gowns on the market – in all silhouettes and lengths – that incorporate hidden pockets. It’s a great little detail to have when you want to hide a lipstick for touchups, warm up your hands or for your new husband to sneak you sweet little notes during your reception.


bow back Found on Events to a T

chic dresses Found on Evi’s Blog

spaghetti strap Found on Wanelo

assortmentFound on Groom Sold Separately

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