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Let’s go to Italy!

As well all know, Italy is located in Europe. To be more precise, it’s located in Southern Europe, and is a peninsula that extends into the Central Mediterranean Sea. Each city has their own way of life and their own … Read More

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Suspended Décor

Just placing your centerpieces or decorations on the table is no longer the way to wow your guests. The new thing is suspending them. How cool is that? You or your guests can look up and see a floral arrangement … Read More

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All That Glitters is Gold

A color that I’ve seen in a lot of weddings lately has been gold, and why not? It’s a beautiful metallic color that is timeless and elegant. What girl doesn’t like gold? Matter of fact, who doesn’t like gold?! There … Read More

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Glitter is great, but it’s a bit too messy for lots of people. That’s where sequins come in. They’re the big girl version of glitter which allows you to feel womanly and sophisticated. They stand out more and won’t stick … Read More

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Style to bout – Fun and unique boutonniere trends

You’ve probably dreamed about your own bouquet since you were a little girl. And you’ve chosen the perfect bloom for your ladies. But there are a few other members of the wedding party that still need some flowers. The men … Read More

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