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Just placing your centerpieces or decorations on the table is no longer the way to wow your guests. The new thing is suspending them. How cool is that? You or your guests can look up and see a floral arrangement floating above your heads like a sweet smelling cloud. Now that is different and beautiful. If you want an added wow factor for your wedding, I recommend suspending some of your decor. This new trend can be used at any wedding be it rustic chic, ballroom, country, vintage. You just have to find the style that works for your vision. Many of these ideas can be done yourself, all you have to do is purchase the flowers. For an outdoor vintage inspired wedding; any vintage looking bottle suspended from a tree branch with rustic twine can be filled with chrysanthemums, carnations, ranunculus, and roses. It’s simple but adds so much. An even simpler way would be to hang ribbon from the ceiling of the tent and tie flowers on various lengths of the wire such as ranunculus, roses, and stalk  along with bits of each flower’s greenery.

If you or your hubby have a love for photography, you can hang wooden frames in your backyard wedding and decorate one corner of each with hydrangeas, roses, stalk, and greenery. It’s pretty awesome and your guests can even take pictures behind the frames. Now for the ballroom wedding, there’s so much you can do. A favorite of mine is to hang an arrangement above the head table centered above the bride and groom. To make sure no one mistakes which of the tables is the main one, you can create a suspended arrangement of flowering branches with roses, ranunculus, and orchids. Just make sure it’s properly secured! No one wants branches falling on their heads! Branches aren’t for everyone so if you don’t want or cannot add branches, you can use a flat board suspended above the table and place hydrangeas, lilies, stalk, and orchids along the board with LED candles. For added suspension, you can hang light bulbs from the board so you and your guests can actually see your food.

For the bride who has a favorite flower and wants a suspended arrangement like no other for her tent wedding; why not have a floral chandelier? It’s way different and can be made with any flowers in bloom. The one below is made of roses and pastel tulips. You may have wanted that chandelier but it wasn’t possible so why not? It’s more colorful. Boho brides can also use suspended decor. This heart can be made with flowering vines or bent branches with flowers carefully inserted. It’ll definitely go with your lovely flower child vibe.

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