One and only – Single-variety wedding bouqets

openPhoto via United with Love

Sometimes, choosing the flowers for a bridal bouquet can be just as important and time-consuming as choosing a gown! While an assortment of varieties can create a beautiful and super-luxe look, keeping things simple can create the elegance and drama you desire.

Many brides opt to carry just one variety in their bouquet and it looks absolutely stunning. With the right flower, you can make a bold statement. Another idea is to have your bridesmaids carry one type of bloom and then have your florist use that flower and an assortment of others for your bridal bouquet. Just take a look at some of these gorgeous bunches and see how great this trend can look.


peonyFrom Upon a Love Story


HydrangeaFrom Fifty Flowers

Stargazer Lilies

stargazerFrom Wedding and Party Network


roseFrom Most Wedding Flower Ideas


sunflowerFrom Flower Opera

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