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The ombre hair trend has been huge for the past few years and now it’s making its way over into weddings. I mean, why not? You may want different colored flowers on your wedding day so why not make it go from dark to light? Ombre is a big trend for spring because you get to use all the brightly colored flowers that come with spring. Blushes and pastels are not going anywhere, but if you want just a little more color along with blush; then ombre is screaming your name. As you may, or may not, know; ombre is the concept of going from dark to light. Using flowers, you would go from the darkest shade all the way down to blush, cream, or even white as seen in the pictures below.

Ombre can be used in every aspect of your wedding. You can have an ombre bouquet starting with orange roses and peonies then onto coral carnations, roses, tulips from there you can add in mother of pearl roses and finally cream roses to end the ombre effect.  If an ombre bouquet is a bit much, you can instead create an ombre aisle runner of rose petals covering the entire aisle. Or if you can’t afford that many roses, you can create clusters of rose petals in a diamond pattern on the ground directly in front of the alter or arbor. It’s still beautiful but won’t cost as much.

Another way use ombre is to have flowers in  vases going along the center of the table in an ombre effect with pincushion protea, craspedia, rice flower, and roses along with others. If you’re not looking to have ombre floral arrangements, you can instead do ombre 3D butterflies on white canvas in the shape of a heart. It makes a gorgeous backdrop and is perfect for the crafty or artsy bride.

Now you can incorporate ombre into just about anything. You can have ombre tablecloths or table runners or even  ombre chair draping for a seaside event.  Another thing would be to different shades and species of orchids cascading down your cake. I absolutely love it and it looks so beautiful, you may not want to cut it. Many brides choose white or cream dresses for their walk down the aisle, but if you want something that is both traditional and unique; you may want to consider a dress with ombre at the bottom. You can still have your traditional but with a little something extra.  It’s spring so why not do something colorful instead of the same old same old?

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Photos (in order):
Mi Belle Photography
Josh Elliot Photography
Emm and Clau
Ron and Noy
Morgan Trinker Photography, Koli Nichols Photography, and Spindle Photography
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