Let’s go to Italy!

As well all know, Italy is located in Europe. To be more precise, it’s located in Southern Europe, and is a peninsula that extends into the Central Mediterranean Sea. Each city has their own way of life and their own traditions. Italian weddings are full of different traditions that have been around since long before any of our great-grandparents. Traditions during the ceremony is tying a ribbon across the doorway to the church so people know a wedding is taking place. A groom may also carry a small piece of iron to ward off evil so that your marriage will last.

Unlike the American tradition of putting cans behind your wedding vehicle, Italians decorate the front grill with flowers to lead you to a sweet life (la dolce vita) with your beau. The reception traditions are of course the best in my opinion. There are over 14 courses starting with appetizers all the way to the entree. Of course you can expect all the fine Italian foods you’ve been avoiding to look perfect on your big day.

A tradition we’ve seen in many movies about Italian life is the tarantula (La Tarantella) dance where the guests hold hands and spin in a circle clockwise until the music takes up speed and they switch direction. It’s really amusing and seems like it’d be so much fun. Make sure to not step on anyone’s feet though. That would not make anyone’s night.

The new wedding trend in Italy is simplicity. The simplicity refers to the decorations. It allows for everyone to focus on the beauty of happy couple instead of the beauty of the decorations. Blush and white flowers with lots of greenery are perfect for that. With Italian weddings having large family style tables, a garland of olive branches running the course of the table along with candles in class holders would make a beautiful centerpiece. The bride’s and groom’s chairs can be decorated with garlands of olive branches ties with blush ribbons to the chairs.

A bridal bouquet of cream different varieties of roses with eucalyptus leaves and lots of shrubs for a more organic look. An all white bouquet of roses, peonies, and orchids with stems of lavender. It’s makes for a very fragrant bouquet. If you want to add a bit extra to the entrance to the courtyard for your reception, you can use marble vases filled with olive branches that have already produced fruit.

However you choose to decorate your wedding, don’t stress it. The trend is simplicity. Simple is always better. Especially in Italia.

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