Grin and bear it – DIY ring pillows

RingBearer3 Photo via Inside Weddings

With the ever-growing wedding industry leaning towards customization and “do-it-yourself” projects these days, the ring pillow is an accessory that often becomes a point of focus. Though the ring bearer typically does not carry the actual rings anymore, he (or she) is still a pivotal part of the wedding party.

Whether you’ve entrusted the role to your darling nephew or you’re looking to your four-legged fur baby to trot down the aisle, here are some great ideas (and tutorials!) for DIY ring pillows.


seersucker Found on Bayside Bride

Felt Cutout

bird Found on Rosie Pretties

Burlap Chic

burlap Found on Love of Family and Home

Charming Type

yipee Found on Ruffled Blog

Big Flower

Big FlowerFound on Wedding Bee

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