Flower Garden Bouquets

2015 has arrived and with it, new wedding ideas for the DIY bride. One of this year’s trends is the flower garden bouquet with its freshly picked look. This type of bouquet consists of flowers that can be found in any garden along with lots of foliage like ferns, dusty miller-lacey, or sprigs of eucalyptus. These bouquets are perfect for the no-fuss bride. Just go out to your garden, cut some flowers, and wrap it with a ribbon for a gorgeous DIY bouquet.


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Lots of foliagefootball-mum-bouquet  Lots of pinksStraight from the garden


Photos above (in order):
Claire Penn Photography
Leila Brewster Photography
Dasha Caffrey Photography
Eden Day Photography 
Shannen Norman
Brooke Schultz Photography
Marlon Munoz Photography 

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