Floral Letters

Okay, so I know a lot of you have seen letters made of buttons, embroidery, and tissue paper amongst other materials. Lately the new thing is flowers. Floral letters are big this year and they are so pretty and colorful. Now that it’s finally spring, it’s the best time to start considering making some for your big day. In my opinion, they’re way more aesthetically pleasing and unique than wooden letters. You can create letters, numbers, or even symbols. For numbers, you can create small arrangements that fit perfectly on the tabletop so your guests can have some decoration if you’re not looking to add a centerpiece or are on a major budget. Floral lettering is pretty simple to make, all you’ll need is a letter outline along with wet foam placed on the inside of the outline and fresh flowers like carnations, roses, peonies, anemones, ranunculus, garden roses, helleboruses, and jasmine leaves.  If you’re going for a more natural wedding, instead of using flowers, you can create letters out of chicken wire and branches like olive or eucalyptus or using different types of succulents. If you do like flowers, but don’t want so many, how about making the letters out of moss and adding just a few flowers? It’s perfect for an outdoor country wedding. For the bride and groom’s chairs, you can tie a floral and symbol between the chairs instead of the usual wooden symbol. It’s different and will make you feel all the more special.

Photography: Jen Huang Photography via Style Me Pretty

Photography: Mary Costa Photography via Paper & Stitch

Photography: Christina Richards Weddings via Style Me Pretty

Photography: Andi Hatch Photography via 100 Layer Cake

Photography: Rooted In Succulents via Etsy

Photography: Sarahdipity Photos via Paper & Stitch

Photography: via Bride.com

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