East Meets West: Indian Wedding

Not many of us, unless we’re Indian or have friends and family that are, have been to an Indian wedding. After a lot of research, I have learned that it’s very different from the weddings that most of us are used to. An example of that would be that these weddings take place over several days due to different traditional ceremonies that need to be performed before the big day. Indian weddings have lots of fresh flowers because it represents beauty. In these ceremonies, the bride has a different dress each time. That’s like having all your favorite wedding dresses! How awesome (and expensive) is that?

Due to the different ceremonies that take place, Indian brides are able to have different color palettes for each event. Most Indian weddings are extremely colorful. I love it! It’s like Holi except more controlled and well planned. A new trend with Indian weddings is the mixing of East and West. Indian brides are trying out  more toned down wedding colors and using creams, pastels, and blushes to decorate their mandap (wedding canopy) and reception areas follow the same theme. The bride of course still wears her brightly colored lehenga. Many brides wear red lehengas with gold embroidery because in Indian, like most Asian countries, red symbolizes good luck.

I love the mandap in the first picture because it’s cream along with the elephants and chairs, but it’s decorated with orange, pink, and yellow roses. The pink rose petal design in the aisle is absolutely gorgeous. The colorful drapery is very pretty and the strings of flowers at the entrance to the mandap just brings it all together. The mandap, or canopy, is where the main wedding ceremonies take place and it’s possible to have yours custom built. The mandap houses chairs for the bride and groom with side chairs for the parents with a sacred fire in the center. The bride and groom will circle the fire 4 times during the ceremony to symbolize their transition to married life.

If you don’t like orange and yellow flowers, you can opt for all white flowers. Or if you want more color; pink and purple roses, pink lilies with white and green hydrangeas for the top of your mandap goes so well together. Those strings of purple orchids are so beautiful with the contrasting white of the mandap. For the bride who loves flowers and wants just a bit more color; you can add purple and pink roses, pink lilies, green hydrangeas, pink stalk  along the top of the mandap and on the heads of the elephants as well as in vases on pedestals right at the either side of the entrance to the mandap. The same can be done on the tops of the heads of the elephants beside the guest chairs with ombre string of orchids starting from purple to white and calla lilies can be at the foot of elephants like an offering to Ganesha.

Mixing East and West can be very beautiful. It allows you keep your tradition but to incorporate something new and it comes out being beautiful. This trend works for brides who love western trends or who have grown up in the West but still want to stay true to their roots. It’s also great for brides who don’t like so much color. Whichever you choose, to go full traditional and colorful or to mix East and West, you will not go wrong. Both are absolutely gorgeous.

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via Suhaag Garden

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