Creative Guestbook Ideas

As exciting as traditional guestbooks are, there are a lot of cool ideas out there on how to spice things up. Consider setting out an old fashioned typewriter for your guests to type out a message. Give people a topic to write about, ask them a question. Set out recipe cards and ask for their recipe for love. You might be surprised with the advice you get. Another idea is to have people fill out random postcards. A close friend or family member can mail them to you at different times so you can enjoy the messages throughout the year. A thumbprint tree, a globe, or even a quilt are all great ways to incorporate a “guestbook” into something you can display in your home. These are good alternatives to a book that will just collect dust on a shelf or disappear into a drawer.

Image via Snapshots & My Thoughts

Above (2) via Girly Wedding

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Above (2) via 100 Layer Cake

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